Mentor to ‘guilt-free mums’

This year has brought about many changes for us all. At the start of the year I was wondering how I could transfer my skills from therapy to helping more families to manage levels of stress. I knew as a therapist I could help one person at a time but I also knew that thousands of mums were feeling overwhelmed and completely exhausted. So many mums were ‘just’ trying to do everything and feeling like they were failing. 

So I have spent a few months doing a bit of research and looking at what was really happening and what mums were crying out for.

The biggest emotion Mums are struggling with is ‘guilt’. They would like to manage their kids behaviour, manage their own reactions, and manage their work and home lives. And because they could not do this – they are feeling guilty.

Mums were never meant to do this on their own (even with the help of the most wonderful partner) – All mums need a village to support, praise and encourage them and to help them put down their burden of guilt.

So I created ‘The Guilt Free Mum’.  Here, I am offering free resources, a (paid for) programme and a serious offer of mentorship for mums who really need all the help they can get and they need it now.

If you want to find out more – head on over to Let’s get talking about what really matters!


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