Guilt Free Mum
Guilt Free Mum

Sometimes the reality of motherhood isn’t what you signed up for.

That’s not to say it’s like that all the time – but just sometimes in your journey as a parent you find that you are exhausted, your kids are stressed and you find you are no longer able to have the good times you pictured for your family life.

As a Mum are you struggling, constantly battling with Mum Guilt and lacking confidence in your ability to be a good mother?

My experienced, compassionate, and non-judgemental approach guides you to feel closer to your children, see a difference in behaviour and really be the mother you want to be.

Are you ready to take the path of least resistance to being the mother that you really want to be? Is it time to really understand and get what you need as a Mum? Then this programme might be just what you need.

Are you struggling, feeling guilty and exhausted? Are you looking for a non judgemental compassionate professional to guide you? Are you ready to be supported and empowered so you can be more connected, confident and able to cope with anything? Then the one-to-one mentoring programme is right here for you.

Five steps to guilt-free mum success

If you have wobbled off the path that you had set yourself, or if you took a wrong turn somewhere along the way or if you have been blindly following someone else’s path only to get completely lost, these 5 steps may help you to move forward boldly again.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You are a Mum and want to make the most of it!
  • You’ve tried putting your kids ‘top of your list’ and it didn’t work
  • You feel as if everyone else has opinions about you as a mother and you are feeling ‘judged’ as a parent
  • You are blaming yourself and others for you not being who you want to be
  • You took on someone else’s model for parenting and the rest of your life has turned upside down
  • You are/were successful at work but not with your family right now – and even maybe less successful at work because of what’s happening with your family right now!
  • You just want to be yourself (again) and enjoy your life, your work and being with the people you love but you’re not sure if that’s even possible.

It doesn’t matter whether your kids are tiny, or grown, if you are looking for help with your current challenges are as a Mother – you are in the right place now.

About Bindi Gauntlett - guilt-free mum

In 40 years both as a parent and working with parents I have ridden the roller coaster ride that is motherhood.

From the shock of a newborn through the challenges of teens even in a blended family, via experience of both mental and physical health problems and family break ups, I’ve seen it all from both the inside and the outside.

In my varied career I have been a nurse, a health visitor, a parenting specialist and a psychotherapist. Together with my partner at in8.uk.com we have developed and run stress management programmes and published the Anxiety Freedom Cards resource pack

I have both learned and taught many styles of parenting yet when my kids were little parenting wasn’t even a thing! My Mum and Dad certainly didn’t ‘do parenting’ They just tried (and often but didn’t always succeed ) to be the best Mum and the best Dad they could be.

It has taken me a long road of research and exploration  listening to many, many parents to come up with the answers to the struggles that mothers are facing today.
But I have found answers to questions, solutions to problems and a way to do this without judgement and guilt but with ease and connection.

I offer simple tips and inspiring insights through  step-by-step programmes and can even be right beside you as you grapple with the really big stuff. 

If, like me, you believe that we simply haven’t evolved fast enough to be significantly different to the mothers who have come before us, and you would like support from others as you truly become the mother you want to be, then you might have found a place right here that feels like home. 

What Mums are saying


“The programme is really interesting and enlightening. There have been several light bulb moments, many around re-prioritising tasks and activities. I have realised that my needs for sleep and attention are valid and impact hugely on how well everything else in my life – and in my son’s life – flows.”

“Considering the full range of my son’s needs – a big thing has been recognising his need for privacy, I’ve always had a sense that I should be entertaining and giving him my attention 100% of the time and feeling guilty about not achieving that, so it’s good to accept that wouldn’t be healthy even if it was achievable!

I felt chaotic, stressed, tired, like things were very much out of my control and I was only just coping. I am now starting to see that things can change, are changing, and that some aspects of my mothering are actually pretty good! I realise that I have more respect for myself as a mother than I ever had previously.

 It’s changed my attitude and given me clarity about how things are, how I’d like them to be and why. It’s also the first time I’ve committed to doing something for myself since my son was born, which has been very valuable and which I look forward to continuing.

Bindi is thoughtful, encouraging and non-judgemental and has a wealth of knowledge about motherhood and human nature.

Thank you.”



“The programme gave me some profound realisations about what motherhood means to me. So much food for thought.”

“I have a deeper awareness of my strengths as a mother, and a deeper feeling of sisterhood with other mothers. Definitely.

For any mum who wants to gain a broader understanding of how being a mum affects, challenges and supports us.

Bindi is – Fully supportive, knowledgeable and caring.”



“It’s easy to assume that you are the only one who feels the way you do & it’s been wonderful to hear all the different stories & thoughts people have. It’s good to know you’re not alone.

Most of the time I feel like I’m doing ok, sometimes I know I’m not & just occasionally I know I’m amazing! How I feel hasn’t really changed but the fact that I will actually use the word ‘amazing’ about myself tells me my confidence has increased.”

“I spent far too many years convinced I was an appalling mother & could probably have written a book on why. 

If i’d had something like this from the start I would have coped better & been the mother I wanted to be rather than been the mother I thought I should be.

I would say that Bindi is compassionate & genuine with great insight and clearly cares very much about the work you do.”